Meet the Board


Florin Mindirigiu

President SHARE Architects


Florin Mindirigiu is a distinguished leader in the field of architectural communication, providing architects with invaluable insights, strategic direction, advice, and connections. Through SHARE Architects, which he co-founded, his aim is to cultivate an environment where values, know-how, and best practices in architecture can be freely communicated and shared. His vision focuses on building an inclusive, open, and conscious space for professional collaboration.

Florin is also the driving force behind the creation of SHARE Architects Society, a distinguished community within SHARE Architects. This society offers a platform for architects to exchange ideas and engage in meaningful discussions, fostering debate and prompting action. Membership to this exclusive community is granted based on recognized excellence and is by invitation only. SHARE Architects Society has 900 members from 42 countries

23rd - 24th November 2023
Venice, Italy, M9 Museum

Advanced Architecture Conference

Practical implementations of innovative
architectural techniques from ongoing
and completed research