Meet the Speaker


Ruiz Javier VIllar

Partner Kengo Kuma Architects, Spain

Ruiz Javier Villar joined Kengo Kuma in 2004 and became partner in 2013. He has worked on various projects including “IHEID Grand Morillon Student Dormitory”, “Shanghai Shipyard 1862”.   

Kengo Kuma’s architecture firm emphasizes integrating natural materials and connecting buildings with their environments. Notable projects include the Meiji Jingu Museum, where wood from felled trees was reused, and the Capitol Hotel Tokyu, designed to blend with the nearby Hie Shrine’s forest. Kuma’s designs often feature traditional elements, such as the wooden lattice at The Capitol Hotel and bamboo structures at Pigment Tokyo. His approach fosters harmony with nature and local communities, aiming for buildings that blend in rather than stand out.

21st - 22nd October 2024
Venice, Italy, M9 Museum

Advanced Architecture Conference

Practical implementations of innovative
architectural techniques from ongoing
and completed research